Sunday, 14 April 2013

and 'dress down, get up'

“Every day people straighten up the hair, why not the heart?” - wise words Ernesto Guevera. Lets make things clear - hair straightening would be one of the least interesting blog topics that I could ever hope to not read - but matters of the heart always get my attention - especially when it steers away from candelight and roses and veers towards trying a little tenderness charitably. The thing is, their are so many causes out there, and more being created all the time, that it most definitely isn't a one size fits all situations - and should be more of a customised personal activity. 

Some charities will hit us more than others - thank goodness or there'd be some causes seriously lacking in funding and support - i must admit that despite my feelings of empathy towards (most) people - my chosen charities are more often than not animal based. Now for a pet peeve - my hackles tend to begin rising when i hear 'people come first' - hmm I think that statement perhaps is evolutionary and religiously not actually the case.

My happiest moments involve Wellies, a rescue dog and - thanks to England's all year round abysmal climate - a rain mac. My most insecure, unhappy moments often involve hair appliances, going out gear and overdone make-up - oh and fake tan just depresses me - au natural is the way to be (except when it comes to hygiene I might add). The reason why? Being close to nature and focusing on things other than ourselves is not only humbling but necessary - fresh air + giving something back = total lack of insomnia.

  Can you think of anything more boring than being surrounded by people who have nothing else to talk about other than their clothes and what clothes they may buy next week, and what clothes they will definitely not be buying next week, next year and so on until you fall asleep at the table.


One of the things I love about giving something back to society is the sense of community you achieve - where fellow charity givers become firm friends - all walks of life - differing day jobs, financial brackets and life experiences - but a mutual goal in common - to do something good without getting anything back. Selflessness is underrated. Sure - you get that warm fuzzy feeling and an ego boost for being so charitable - and so what - it's well deserved and is likely to help to conjure up a repeat performance of said 'altruistic' actions.

So whether it's trekking through Peru - campaigning for better safe sleeping venues for your local homeless community - or getting knee deep in mud whilst giving a rescue dog a much needed break from kennel life coupled with much desired human contact - risk your hair falling out of place - take off your glad rags and allow your emotions to be stretched to the limit - dress down and get up.